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Vanilla Sanctuary

Caught in your embrace

30 October 1989
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“I’d like to be remembered as a girl who was strong enough to overcome all the hardship in her life, Loved with all her heart and left like she came pure and precious “
I’m 20 Years old English-Majored student. Who enjoys everything beautiful in life and appreciate it as I appreciate the hardship that makes the happy moments enjoyable.
I'm the kind of person who you find sitting in a corner of a coffee shop by herself! Knows the name of everyone who works there and DayDreams to pass time.
Kpop: [TVXQ],Jaejoong bias ;) Adore Micky & Junsu as well.[Suju],[Shinee] etc~
Hobbies: Designing,Photographing,reading,writing.
will be updated;)
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